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Helping Agencies Succeed

Generate Revenue

HitCrowd provides easy-to-use tools so you can offer your current clients digital marketing solutions. Generate more revenue for your business while helping your clients do the same.

Retain Customers

Keep your customers engaged. Don't give the competition a reason to open dialogue with your clients. Offer the most cutting edge products for less and stay competitive.

Impress Clients

Look professional and impress clients with the products and services they need most. A little knowledge and forward thinking goes along way.

Digital Marketing Dashboard Features

  • Business Listings

    Claim and sync over 150
    business listings for your clients
    from one simple dashboard.

  • Reputation Monitoring

    Stay on top of clients' reviews
    and monitor dozens of sites
    daily with our reputation tools.

  • Mobile Web

    Keep you clients on the
    cutting edge with our simple and
    powerful custom mobile builder.

  • Smart Numbers

    Track clients' calls from
    their media outlets with our
    smart number technology.

  • Analytics

    Our analytics tools cut to the
    chase and deliver everything your
    clients need, but nothing more.

  • Search Optimization

    SEO reports and management
    for your business is coming
    May 2013. Stay Tuned!